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You may seem like you dodged the bullet when you decided to workout at an awkward time, perhaps in the middle of the week, in order to dodge certain people who make your gym experience not so enjoyable; however, you still manage to run into at least a couple of the “stereotypical” gym goers listed below:

The Girl Running for Homecoming Queen

You’ve seen her. You’ve judged her. You’ve probably caught her glancing into the full-length mirror every 5 seconds. But, what you cannot do is ignore her. She’s the girl with a full face of makeup, hair straightened and styled, wearing very little, form fitting workout clothes and hardly breaking a sweat as she hops on an elliptical for 20 minutes. Her wardrobe matches her water bottle and she’s checking out every guy who’s checking her out. She will spend entirely too much time stretching and texting and will most likely leave the gym looking exactly the same as when she arrived.

The Bodybuilder

He’s carrying a protein shake in one hand and sporting a cut off shirt to let everyone know how built he is. As he bench presses an ungodly amount of weight, he will grunt loud enough, making sure everyone around him knows he’s present and taking his workout more seriously than an Olympic athlete.

The Gym Couple

Okay, we get it. You love each other and working out together only proves how devoted you two are to one another. They usually come into the gym holding hands, sometimes with matching clothes, and a shared yoga mat for stretching exercises later on. They switch off taking turns on the same machine, waiting patiently for one another to finish their reps, and then awkwardly assist one another to the next activity. The guy pretends to be a fitness expert knowing everything about health and fitness as the girl stares starry eyed into her not-so-buff boyfriend. They act like they’re the only two people in the gym and things start to get a tad uncomfortable as they massage one another in the middle of the room in-between workouts.

The New Member

Poor thing has absolutely no clue what is going on. As he or she parades around the entire gym staring blankly at every machine he or she passes, you can’t help but to wonder if they’re just waiting to hop on a machine that looks semi user-friendly, or they’re in fact too shy to approach one of the workers and straight up ask them to assist them. Either way, the new member will make several rounds, covering every corner of the gym, and finally settling for a 2-mile run on a treadmill.

The Grandpa/Grandma

If you like to get your workout done in the morning then you probably ran into the grandpa/grandma before. And when I say grandpa/grandma, what I really mean is anyone over 60, working out in knee high socks and last seasons new balance sneakers. I mean granted they only stay near the equipment that's easy to use and requires the least amount of effort, but major kudos should be awarded to them for having the energy and motivation to go to the gym in the first place. That takes some dedication.

The Nosy, Social Butterfly

This person knows everything about every member at the gym because they spend more time asking about the drama that went down at the bake sale on Saturday than actually working out. They want to know the latest news about who’s hooking up with who, where the next party is being hosted, and what they should do about their messy roommate. If you encounter the nosy, social butterfly you find yourself having to pause your favorite workout song multiple times to catch half of the conversation they’re trying to hold with you. In order to avoid them, you can pretend that lifting 5-pound weight requires so much concentration to notice they’re talking to you in the first place.
I'm the The Girl Running for Homecoming Queen and The Bodybuilder. I wear liquid eyeliner before lifting weights and there ain't no shame in my lifting game ;) ;)
Well at least you don't have to worry about waiting around for equipment and machines @JJ25 that's a definite plus!
Definitely nice eye candy @caricakes especially on the days you don't want to hit the gym.
Haha @galinda what a cute story! Older people in workout clothes are too precious.
Haha! This is great! I am the self motivated single 52 yr old midday endorphin addicted weight lifter who pumps 3 rooms of weights for only 3 hours now and then rides my bicycle outside 10 miles and drives home. Dances in the clubs 2-3 X a week to rap/hip hop, kayaks, fishes, rides my motorcycle, shots my guns, and just has fun! YippeeKaiAyay!
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