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Marvel is doing everything they can to make sure we all remain unspoiled for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. But that doesn't mean we're any less excited. If anything, we're all scrambling for whatever they are willing to release (Sebastian Stan's rugged Instagram pic speaks for itself). But while its going to be a while before any real promotional footage or posters are released, I can always rely on fandom to get me my fix.
The theme of this one is prety obvious, going off the assumption that this movie will follow the Civil War plot from the comics, which features a schism in thr Avengers caused by major disagreement between Steve Rogers (as Captain America) and Tony Stark (Ironman).
I love the inclusion of Black Panther and Scarlet Witch on this one. I'm really excited to see how those two characters develop in the MCU going forward, and especially since this seems like it's going to be another ensemble movie instead of a solo Cap film, I'm curious about how they'll contribute to the Civil War plotline. And as a fangirl, I'm glad to see Bucky there too, raccoon eyes and all.
This incredible edit is more metaphorical, alluding to the internal struggle that both chracters are probably going through. They're wearing their uniforms and mashed up together, even though we all expect tjem to be torn apart in the film. And both Steve and Tony have struggled with balancing their civilian identities with their heroic ones. At the end of Age of Ultron, it seemed like Tony was giving up that identity for good, while Steve was leaving himself behind and comitting to being Captain America full-time.
This one is a mashup of Captain America and The Punisher, getting inspiration from the comics. Speaking of the comics, some of of the fan posters seem to be alluding to a death in the comics timeline that I'm REALLY hoping won't happen in the movies. What can I say? I'm attached.
That's me @paulisaverage I'm you're one-stop shop for Marvel-related sadness
@paulisaverage yeah I have no idea why I inflict so much emotional pain on myself and others
@shannonl5 oh god, I didn't need that visual in my head... ;___;
Just as long as Bucky doesn't kill him @paulisaverage because that would definitely be the end of me
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