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After BBC Sherlock's 'The Woman' aired (the season 2 opener), showrunner Steven Moffat was still fascinated by the characters. So much so that he ended up writing another scene between the two of them, one that took place after the daring rescue that closed the episode.
The relationship between Shrrlock and Irene has fascinated fans since the episode aired (we even coined the portmanteau 'Adlock' to make our conversations more efficient). And it's a sign of good storytelling when it's easy to imagine the characters' lives continuing on after the scene ends. But of course the fans had questions. Who really won? Was it Sherlock- who solved her riddle? Or was it Irene, who got him to admit he cared after all? Here's how Moffat imagines their relationship after the scene closed: via Sherlockology
"I actually wrote a scene about what happened afterwards, because I got so curious about it. I had Sherlock turning around after he had hacked up all the terrorists, still very cross, and sort of saying, 'I hope you don't think that this means I am in any way interested in you?' And Irene's already got a gun on him - as she picks up a gun from the floor - and says, 'No, but I am going to need male costume to get out of here.' "And so Sherlock is left naked and Irene runs off dressed as him. That's what I think would happen next."
I dont know quite how I feel about this new informatiom. On the one hand, a scene like the one Moffat described would have brought the episode (and the characters' relationship) full circle. At the beginning, Irene is naked and she uses her nudity to throw Sherlock off, he's completely unable to deduce her. So seeing her use his nakedness at the end would have felt like a clever way to give her the upper hand once again. However, the scene itself felt very out of context in a way- some fans assumed that it was actually a fantasy that Sherlock constructed in his mind palace. And the vaguely 'terrorist' like maked menaces felt lazy and racially closed-minded. Like: "look, here are people we have coded as religious funamentalists cutting off the head of a woman we've established as a sex worker". I would have been more excited to see something more self-aware, especially after so much has time has passed since the episode aired.