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A photo of actor Lee Min Ho during his high school days has people talking. The photo in question was taken nine years ago and featured in a magazine. The then 17-year-old actor can be seen posing affectionately with who many assumed was his 20-year-old girlfriend at the time, Jang Mi Hee. However, Lee Min Ho’s agency has denied that the two were in a relationship, stating, “It seems Lee Min Ho is receiving a lot of attention. The photo was taken for the magazine. We apologize to those of you who were hoping that the two were in a relationship.” Jang Mi Hee is none other than Danji, who previously worked as a VJ for a former cable program and has been featuring in recent dramas here and there. In particular, the magazine caught netizens’ attention as it described the two as: “A dongseng-noona couple sporting a monotone color formal look. Because the two share similar tastes in style, their outfits naturally complement each other.” Netizens responded to the photo, “Lee Min Ho looks so youthful“, “Were Lee Min Ho and Danji really a couple?“, and “Did he like the formal look in high school?”