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We're all familiar with the Disney character Aurora better known as "Sleeping Beauty" and if you aren't, I apologize you missed out on a monumental chunk of your childhood. It's clear that in order for the beauty to awaken from her slumber, she needed to be kissed by a prince. Waking up with a kiss from a handsome guy sounds rather ideal, but in this case you may want to continue getting some shut eye once you find out why sleep and beauty go hand in hand.
It's clear that our main reason for sleep is to recharge our bodies and gain energy, but that's just the gist of it. Sleep is so much more than just eight hours of rapid eye movement. Because of sleep our bodies are able to do some pretty amazing things on not just the inside, but the outside as well.
Wondering why your skin isn't as vibrant as usual, a huge possibility could be because you're missing out on a few hours of sleep. A healthy sleep cycle and some extra glasses of water throughout the day results in healthy skin. We're all familiar with bags and dark circles. They aren't pretty and never will be, but they can be prevented by getting a good nights sleep and lowering your sodium intake throughout the day. Wondering why your weight is fluctuating constantly? Well, believe it or not, sleep can play a huge role in adding on pounds. Being sleep deprived usually results in craving comfort foods. Make sure you stop eating at a decent time and get some sleep before those pounds catch up to you.
Nobody wants to look 60 years old when they are barely hitting the 30 mark. Get your rest, you'll need it if you plan on looking as good as Kris Jenner. Maybe she had a few surgeries, but she sure does look good to be up in age. Beauty and sleep go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. Put your phone on silent, turn off your lights and close your eyes. Your prince may not be there waiting for you come morning, but you'll feel and look young.You're bound to find a prince then, right?
My skin reacts sooooo poorly to lack of sleep. I'm usually pretty acne-free but give me two or three nights of not-awesome sleep and I look horrible haha
I am horrible at shutting everything off and letting myself go to sleep. What helps you go to sleep?
it happens to the best of us. sleep is def a must, but water is always a good backup for those sleepless nights! @galinda
I usually fall asleep while tweeting or texting lol if all else fails I'll turn on some classical music every now & then or just close my eyes & pray I eventually knock out @beywatch