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Humans love to set goals for themselves, try new things. But they're usually big goals, unattainable ones. This series will provide you with a few little things to do each month. Here's a list of 5 steps toward happiness to tackle in June.

1. Ask yourself, "Am I happy?"

IIt may seem like common sense, but it's not. The first step to happiness is literally asking yourself this question. Life is a bunch of lies if we don't confront ourselves.

2. Depending on the answer, make a list.

If yes, make a list of all the things that make you happy. If not, do the same. Examine these, see which things you can't live without, or you are living without.

3. Figure out what's lacking.

We're all missing something, whether it's small like a pair of shoes, or something big like a healthy relationship, it's good to figure out what we're missing and just be conscious of it.

4. Doodle Yourself!

Create a little cartoon of yourself. This can tell you a lot about your personality and your happiness.
Little Tess is a little off, but hey, that's how I get happy!

5. Get Outside!

Go jogging, hiking, sit on the porch and read. June is all about using the weather to your advantage. After you self reflect, get your doodle moving and do some outdoor activities.
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I really should doodle myself more. I'm ALWAYS doodling, but I seldom draw myself. Mostly animals hahaha.