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Born in Kosovo, raised in London, Rita Ora is officially my favorite pop princess in the game right now. Her concept is this perfect mix of old Hollywood glamour and hip-hop street culture and her voice is insane.
She recently released her newest single 'Poison' and she looks stunning as usual. If you can get through these four songs without getting completely addicted, you need to get your speakers checked!


I Will Never Let You Down

How We Do (Party)

Black Widow

I Will Never Let You Down is always on my feel-good playlist. Plus Poison is looking like its going to be my new favorite track by Rita!
She's GORGEOUS. And I love all of her singles. I've never listened to any of her albums but yeah, she's great
"How We Do (Party)" is one of my friend's favorite songs. I feel like she's always putting it on when we're in the car together. Now I have to check out these other videos. That Kill Bill themed one already looks all sorts of serious.