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Chinese fans experienced mental collapse after singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong revealed his chiseled body. Kim Hyun Joong is currently in the middle of his 4-city concert tour, and recently wrapped up a show in Shanghai, China on June 9th. China Photo Press who reported the story along with photos from the scene wrote, “Kim Hyun Joong revealing [his muscles] was the highlight of the performance. The fans’ cheers would not cease, and they were close to fainting.” It was easy to tell how exciting the actual performance was, just by taking a few glances at the photos. Kim Hyun Joong displayed both his masculine and adorable charms, while also putting on a sexy couple dance. The singer who stepped on stage in a black button up top boldly opened up his shirt to reveal his fit physique. Upon setting eyes on his muscular body, the wild cheers of the fans in the audience did not die down easily. Though he looked a bit awkward during his ‘sexy dance performance’ with a fellow female dancer, the singer gave the performance his all. In related news, Kim Hyun Joong also broke a new record recently by receiving the most Weibo followers on the first day of opening an account. cr: Nate