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Phil Edwards over at did us all a favor and exposed Claw Machine Odds for what they are: A big fat scam.

We all remember the claw machine as a fun game to play to win a prize. What we don't know, is that like most things on this's not what it seems.

Get this!

We all understand how economics works. We pay something small for something big and we feel like we've won. But if we get addicted to playing the game, we play more and end up paying more for the big item. We love to win, and we'll pay 5 or 6 dollars for a 50 cent toy so we can feel like a winner.

In the video below, Vox reveals that claw machines require no skill. They're just a random chance mission. If I were you, I'd rather play the slots.

Vox breaks it down. Basically the claw machine is like a giant slot machine. Your skill literally has nothing to do with it. They are purely games of chance.
So the next time you feel like you're going to win an iPad for 50 cents...just don't okay?
That was an expertly used Toy Story reference. Now I feel really stupid for ever saying that I'm 'really good' at playing the claw game!
I'm still crying about it and it happened when I was about 5yo. Hurts like hell!