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I am here to defend the books. I am begging, pleading that this year more people take up reading; not just waiting for the movie to come out. I can feel the eye rolling disinterest from here about what I am about to say but I swear on the biggest library in the world thats its the truth… The books are always better than the movies.
There I said it. Don't maul me with pitch forks and just hear me out because I wont harp on this for long (although I can if you want). Books offer you so much more detail, so much more subplots, and much more imagery then any hollywood producer could.
Also, people who read are known to have a higher IQ, a better vocabulary and less of a chance of contracting Alzheimer’s disease. If thats not reason enough to crack open a book, even a magazine, I don't know what is.
Still Alice by Lisa Genova
This is the story of successful, independent woman who begins her slow decent into Alzheimer’s. Uplifting and at the same time soul crushing (interesting how thats possible), this book shows the strength of a woman trying to make the most of the time she has left.
Starring: Julianne Moore
Don’t Point that Thing At Me by Kyril Bonfiglioli
Part of the Mortdecai Trilogy, this is a funny novel centered around art dealer Charlie Mortdecai and the fine line between good and evil. The trailer looks fantastic and stars Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow so you know the characters are going to be very strange!
Serena by Ron Rash
The novel focuses on newlyweds set to building a timber empire in the woods of North Carolina. Serena is a devoted and fierce wife who handles her own, even as she is saving her husband or dealing with rattlesnakes. Also Jennifer Lawrence play Serene so you know she has to be a bad ass.
Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
This timeless novel from the 1800 has the perfect spice for those beach reading bookworms. The main character is a strict independent woman named Bathsheba who has three men madly in love with her #Dream. In this love … square I guess it would be called, secrets are reveled when she finally chooses which man she loves.
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
If you did not read the books and are a Peeta/Katniss lover you must stop everything and read now!! There is so much more to their story than the movies will ever portray! Just so you know I am not ready for the final movie. Might have to go see it by myself and have a good cry.
The Martian by Andy Weir
I am actually currently reading this book now and it is funny! Based around a space mission gone wrong, our lone martian finds himself trapped on Mars, struggling for survival. Yet though it all he still has a sense of humor that makes me laugh out loud.
@beywatch @Ambie I had no idea it was a book either haha thats on my list next thats for sure !
I watched Still Alice too and it was really good I didn't it was book either @beywatch I will start reading it
It's like you're in my brain!!! I've been putting off seeing all of these movies until I read the book, haha!!
Sorry wanted to say I didn't know it was book
Great book:) would love to see it made into a movie
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