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Hungry? You will be. If you love food, there are TONS of Instagram worth a follow (if you don't mind salivating all over your phone, of course). But far and away, one of the very best is @iamafoodblog. Welcome to the delicious world of Stephanie Le, food blogger, recipe crafter, and photographer extraordinaire. Scroll to see more photos!
Her blog, I am a Food Blog, is overflowing with mouthwatering content, exclusive recipes, and gorgeous images of food!
I am a Food Blog was lauded by Saveur Magazine as their 2014 Editor's Choice for Best Food Blog, as well as 2014 Blog of the Year. Congratulations, Stephanie!
Stephanie cites her favorite restaurants and take out joints as her biggest inspirations in whipping up new dishes.
All I can say is, Stephanie, please be my friend (and invite me to dinner every weekend)!!!! For more I am a Food Blog, follow @iamafoodblog on Instagram and check out her website here!
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Omg, did I just see lemon curd? These look SO good.
3 years ago·Reply
this food looks amazing ! almost makes me want to reconsider being a vegetarian. yummm!
3 years ago·Reply
Hahaha I know right??? She can make any food look incredible!! I'll try to find a cool vegetarian food 'grammer next, @jordanhamilton ;)
3 years ago·Reply
yesss! looking forward to that. thanks :) @allischaaff
3 years ago·Reply