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Things haven’t been too good for Lil Wayne within the Young Money Cash Money Camp in the past year or so. As seems as if Birdman and Weezy haven't been on the same page since Birdman began to manage Young Thug.
The stall on Lil Waynes’ album has not helped things either. One would expect Weezy to continue to whine about the Birdman situation or his album, but he has taken his fate in his own hands and hit the booth to create new material.
Weezy began to usher in his new gameplan with a bevy of monster features. The first was on the Nicki Minaj album The Blueprint on the song “Truffle Butter.” Wayne steals the show with an incredible verse that showcases his flow and lyrical acumen.
He follows that up with an appearance on a A$AP Rocky’s album A.L.L.A. on a song titled “M’s.” Rocky expressed his awe at Wayne’s verse, saying it recalled the mixtape Weezy days.
His latest move may have been the most powerful one. Today he announced his Free Weezy Album. To celebrate, he releases an amazing new single titled “Glory” which flow-wise is reminiscent of Wayne during his Da Drought 3 days. He also announces he will do a concert with Jay-Z and Prince. That’s right, Prince. I can only imagine the price point for those tickets.
Oh and if all that good news wasn’t enough, he bossed up and became a co-owner in Jay-Z’s new streaming service Tidal.
2015 has been an awesome year for Lil Wayne.
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Lil Wayne is still pretty high on my 'must see live' list. Have you seen a live Lil Wayne set before?