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People are under the impression that transiting into a healthy lifestyle means giving up their favorite chips and desserts, forever. Of course eating that late night snack loaded with sugar and fat is out of the question if you plan on losing any weight and seeing a difference within yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge every once in a while. That's why people designate a "cheat" day for themselves, usually on a Friday or Saturday, so they can enjoy a guilty pleasure like chocolate or alcohol that usually goes against their strict dietary meal plan. A sense of moderation is crucial especially if you're just starting a new fitness routine, cutting calories, or simply transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. For example, say you hop on the kale bandwagon and make your breakfast, lunch, and dinner all about kale. Where is that balance? I mean sure you're getting fiber, protein and tons of other nutritious benefits by eating this leafy, low-cal food, but you're also missing out on other nutrition in other foods. But, working out and eating clean doesn't have to feel like a chore. If you don't enjoy running, then find other cardio exercises that are just as effective that don't involve a treadmill. If you hate the taste of spinach, find other green juice and smoothie recipes that mask the taste of the main ingredient. You don't have to punish yourself by giving up everything you once enjoyed because you want to stay "healthy." Always remember that one bad meal doesn't make you fat similar to one good workout doesn't make you thin. Just remember to treat yo self once in a while because you deserve it.
I find that when I stay so focused on eating clean, my desire to binge gets so much worse! If I make healthy choices and give myself a treat every once in a while, I am so much happier haha
Great advice @galinda! Cheat days are awesome.
Plus having a cheat day can boost your metabolism! Woo!!