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If you're still applying your makeup with a makeup wedge, please find a time machine and transport yourself back to the early 90s. No, but seriously say goodbye to the wedge because there's a new beauty sheriff in town. Behold, the beauty blender. Familiar to most and new to others, the beauty blender is the holy grail of all true makeup lovers. This product is basically a non-disposable sponge that will leave your face looking pristine and flawless. Don't believe the hype? Well, I suggest you find out for yourself.
Like any beauty product, there are several dupes of this item, but only "the original beauty blender" truly lives up to its full capability. You're probably thinking, "why in the world would you ever spend $20 on a sponge?" Trust me, we all had the same question lurking in our head before we made our purchase. It may take some time for you to muster up the courage and splurge on such a small item, but it's so worth it. It just might be the best $20 you've ever spent and no, that's not sarcasm.
The beauty blender comes in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs and liking. The smallest blender is perfect for highlighting, contouring and concealer. The original size is perfect for everything else including priming or applying your foundation, powder, cream blushes or the like.
If you're tired of your makeup streaking and not lasting throughout the day, jump on board! When they say the beauty blender is makeup's best friend, they weren't lying. Drake said, "no new friends", but this is the one time you can make an exception and not feel guilty.
Disclaimer: If you don't want to spend money on shipping, visit your local sephora store.
That's so odd to me! I know that had to have been traumatizing lol I say you get a new one. It's so worth it. @jlee37
I don't know why it split in half. I wasn't being rough when I was washing it. I thought,"Get a beauty blender they said. You'll love it they said." :[
OMG!!!! No! How did it split in half? You should've taken it back and got a refund. That's crazy. I've never heard any beauty blender horror stories. That's a first 馃槱 @jlee37
Yeahhhhh... I had one. *Had*. The 2nd time I washed it, it split in more. :/
That's amazing!!! I'm glad you're loving it. I love my beauty blender. One of my best beauty investments :) @Tamberea
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