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A Netflix Series for Foodies
For all you foodies who aren't into competition-based shows during which Gordon Ramsay yells at anything and everything, Netflix has a documentary series for you.
If you want a break from the high-stress kitchen, check out Chef's Table. It follows six world-famous chefs into their restaurants to get a better understanding of each individual's cooking inspiration.
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Not only does the food look delicious, the filming and story behind each passionate, almost obsessive, chef will keep you captivated.
My only warning is not to watch on an empty stomach.
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This series is great. I saw the first episode, about Massimo Bottura and it was great - it's like 50% awesome photos of amazing food and 50% stories about his life, which is actually pretty interesting. Definitely recommend it
I'm definitely going to watch this. I love hearing people speak passionately about their respective crafts. And the culinary arts are totally an art.
Oh God, my parents are literally addicted to Food Network and all the cooking contest shows so I don't know whether I should sent this to them and add fuel to the fire or not...
My apartment is currently...kitchen challenged? So I love living vicariously through food shows. This looks like its right up my alley.