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If you're balling your eyes out right now, because of this uh-mazing duo, you're not alone!
Shall we gather our thoughts or jump in with bamboozled emotions running amok?
The designer is Sadek Majed. I have NEVER featured him before, but I think that this card is going to be a sneak peek of another card where I will feature more of his gowns. In particular, however, I only want to show this because even though this twinning look is exceptional, I am more in awe over the bridal gown itself.
Is it patchwork? Is it gazar? Lace? Apparently, I have know idea what this fabric treatment is called. HELP! That pinched waist is bringing me flashbacks of classic Pierre Balmain of the 1950s.
Don't overlook that French net veil! First impressions...what do you all think of this stunning look?