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Hugh Jackman Creates Fair-Trade Coffee Documentary
“The simplicity of coffee can actually take some of the biggest issues the planet is facing,” Hugh Jackman states in his new film.
Hugh Jackman traveled to Ethiopia for a documentary about coffee growers. While he was there, he connected with one of the growers Dukale. Inspired by his story Hugh Jackman set out on a mission to sell the coffee a better price, to provide a better life for growers like Dukale.
After watching “Black Gold” documentary, this seems like an inspirational follow-up to the horrors of the coffee growing industry and the poverty and slavery it perpetuates.
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The film "Dukale’s Dream" is set to release in theaters June 5, 2015 (tomorrow!). If you thought you liked Hugh Jackman before, wait until you watch this trailer.
I’m really compelled by the relationship between Jackman and his friend Dukale. I’ve seen several documentary films about celebrities that go into impoverished countries, and often it seems fake and overworked. It seems like a real bond that Hugh Jackman is invested it, and because his genuine care you can see he is truly helping the lives of coffee growers.
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