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Jessamyn Stanley is pretty amazing. She stumbled upon yoga thanks to a Groupon back in 2011 and now the 27-year-old North Carolina resident is a certified yoga instructor herself, and has over 55,000 Instagram followers.
She is not the typical body shape one thinks of when we think of (perky, thin, blonde) yoga instructors and she thrives on that. She's here to change the stereotypes of who is fit and who isn't.
“I think it’s intimidating [to see the ‘typical yoga body’ at the front of the class],” she told nymag. “It creates more of an aspirational experience as opposed to an inspirational one. It doesn’t actually elicit what yoga should give people. The whole point of this practice is to burn away the parts of our lives that are built up over the years that don’t matter, and to burn that away to who you truly are.”
"I always tell people (especially women) to stop sending negative energy into their bodies and their thoughts. That negative energy is responsible for all your body's unhappiness. The only person in control of your life experience is you."
Damn, she's amazing! I'd love to take a class with her!
She looks amazing :) I totally agree with her idea of Yoga!!
wooow she is flexible
she is our reflection♡
I know right I love how she's confident in herself. God knows we all need a little more of that in the world