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Skipping out on priming before applying your makeup is equivalent to brushing your teeth sans toothpaste, it's not complete. Priming your face allows your makeup to last throughout the day, minimizes the size of your pores and helps your makeup stay in place. Primers can be a bit pricey depending on the brand. They can range anywhere from $6.00 to $72.00. Absolutely insane! We feel your pain. No reason to splurge when you can be frugal and opt for tons of makeup primer alternatives.
Most household items you never pay much attention to can be used as a primer and you didn't even know it. Being frugal pays off when it comes to the world of beauty. Nobody wants to spend a ton when you can still look fabulous for free. Because priming is such an important step when applying ones makeup, we have a couple primer alternatives that might just be in arms reach.
Who knew that milk of magnesia could be used for more than just a stomach ache? Surprise, it can! The perfect alternative for those ladies who suffer from extremely oily skin. Aloe Vera Gel is perfect for those whose skin is more so on the dry side. If you're looking for a primer that soothes your skin, grab the aloe for sure. Calamine lotion might not just be for those dreaded bug bites that randomly appear during the summertime. This chalky substance of a lotion works perfect as a primer because of its drying abilities. Before you throw up, here us out. Monistat chafing cream probably comes off as a surprise, but trust our judgement when we say that this is a perfect alternative that will make your makeup flawless like Queen Bey herself.
Product List:
GNC Aloe Vera Skin Gel, 2 oz. ($1.99)
Are you sold yet? If not, you will be soon enough. We gave you options, now it's your turn to pick your poison -- we mean primer.
Aloe vera gel is amazing and affordable! i'm glad you're enjoying it :) @BeccaRisinger31
i have been using aloe vera for two weeks now! its working pretty well for my skin. make up lasts all day!