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Just in case anyone forgot that this happened... which I don't think could ever happen. Ever. In 2010, Lady Gaga wore an outfit made entirely of raw meat to the MTV Music Awards. In case you need a refresher on this look, I've compiled the best pics of this epic dress. I hope you aren't eating while reading this.
Nothing like meat shoes.
Even all of her accessories were meat.
This dress created so much buzz that Lady Gaga wore a faux meat dress during her "Born This Way" Tour.
Mmmmmm, yum.
This outfit is killin' it. Cows, that is. (Sorry, that's my one corny dad joke of the day.)
Agreed! I'm still confused as to why she thought this dress was a good idea. She had to have smelled like meat for days afterward
Holy crap I forgot this happened. So glad those days are behind her. Yes, her fashion is still over the top but at least it isn't BBQ-able!
I never understood why? Was it cause it was different? Either way it is she rocked it all her own. Just hope she doesn't do that again....probably had flies following her around x.x
For real! It was so hard to look at these pictures as a vegetarian :(