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Ever thought of brewing your coffee in a pile of hot sand? Yeah me neither. Watch these guys as they brew a pot of Turkish coffee in a bowl of sand. This type of technique is not as bizarre as I thought though, and it’s pretty commonly used in the Middle East.
At my next trip to the trip to the beach, I’ll really impress my friends by making them some yummy caffeinated drinks ;)
Sidenote: Turkish coffee is super yummy.
Haha yes! Now we need someone to teach us...Pretty sure we’d get like 20 cool points if we mastered this @hikaymm
I know right! I wonder if their is some training needed in perfecting this technique... #newhobbie?
Do you need a special sand pot? I bet the sand is magical. Where do I get magical sand?! haha @hikaymm
@nicolejb Pretty sure as well! I found a few blog posts about it but then I was like "where am I going to get sand?" hahaha....I live in the city!! There are no beaches nearby! What kind of sand do I even need to use? So many questions.
I want to go take a lesson right now, too....let's go!!! @nicolejb
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