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Blake Lively is a style icon in her own right, and when she was pregnant last year, she proved maternity wear is its own category of dressing, and given the funds (and a stylist!), pregnant women can look even more fashionable than their regular selves sans-baby.
Only a woman as teeny tiny as fashion icon Miroslava Duma could pull off this look, but if you've got it, please do flaunt it. In the first image, she works a striped minidress to it's limits, but playing down the sexiness with classic white converse. The covered-up look of the turtleneck in the second image makes the skintight dress flattering and appropriate. How does she wear those heels with her pregnant belly?
Doutzen Kroes skillfully selects her tummy cut-outs with this gown, revealing sexy flashes of skin without having a bare-all moment. When in doubt about what flatters a pregnant body, wear black. All black. Then again, it helps if you're a supermodel.
Olivia Wilde de-emphasizes her baby bump by draping an oversize scarf, but the belly just barely peaks out. Her choice of skinny jeans with a comfy tee don't look lazy paired with booties and the scarf.
Hilary Duff reminds us that an all-black ensemble is the easiest way to flatter a baby bumb and still look chic. Her leather jacket adds some edge while allowing her belly to peak out comfortably. Pregnant or not, I think we all want to copy this look.
Style editor Eva Chen's baby bump is barely noticeable when covered up with an oversize vest. The slim-fit knit dress is flattering and simple, and she wisely chose to pick a statement piece that wasn't covering her entire belly. Only Chen could pull off that faux fur.
Optical illusion! Kourtney Kardashian picks a print that both hides and emphasizes the curve of her belly, depending on what angle you're looking from. The modest cut and short sleeves are super-flattering paired with the print, and those shoes are the cutest. But are they comfortable? What more can we expect from a Kardashian?
Sienna Miller opts for a breezy summer sundress that would ordinarily flow over her bump, but makes the bold choice to belt the dress underneath, emphasizing her belly and working against the dress's tiers. She looks great nonetheless, matching the belt with a brown bag and dressing up the look with heeled booties and a sunhat.
Oh baby! Are you inspired? Lucky for you, these days, maternity fashion is everywhere, and more accessible retailers like ASOS and Topshop are churning out their own maternity sections. Pregnancy can still be fashionable, and who knows, maybe your baby bump will be the extra asset you've always wanted to aid your personal style!
Can Blake Lively look not-flawless just once in her life? JUST ONCE?! She's perfect!
Blake can do no wrong. Ever.
@galinda @marshalledgar I personally think Blake Lively is a beautiful alien sent down to earth to make us mere mortals feel inferior.
I'm loving Olivia Wilde's style the most in this one. It's practical, fashionable, and would look fantastic pregnant or not!
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