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We all know by now that Ed Sheeran loves rap music and the hip-hop culture. One of the first big American musicians to extend the hand to Sheeran was Jamie Foxx. In 2010, Sheeran met Foxx at the Foxxhole. Foxx was so impressed by Sheeran that he offered him access to his recording studio and lodge at his Hollywood home.
His first independent album hosted many artists from the grime scene (very similar to rap in England.) He recently went on the Jimmy Fallon show discuss his U.S. tour. During his performance later in the show, Sheeran performed “Photograph.” His second song was a cover of Ty Dolla $igns’ “Paranoid.” In the past, he has covered “Coco” by OT Genasis, “My Hitta” by YG and more.
One must question, after all of this love shown to the hip-hop community from such a huge alternative artist, why haven’t we seen real songs created with this artist with rappers. Sheeran truly appreciates the culture and wants to be more hands on within it, so why not involve him? A song with him an J.Cole or Kendrick Lamar would be huge. To be honest, I’m shocked we haven’t seen a tour come to pass.
Hip-hop gods, let's make this happen.
i love good alternative/rap collabs.. like when bon iver was all over that kanye album
Honestly, I'm at the point in my obsession with Ed Sheeran that he could collaborate with pretty much anything and I'd love it.
On a related note... check this out. Add a rapper in and this would be awesome.
I wasn't a big fan of the Ed + Hoodie Allen collab (but then again I just don't like Hoodie Allen) so I'd love to see him work with some actually talents hip hop artists!
@Nicolejb I agree, a Wiz collab would be dope, A Childish Gambino collab would be awesome as well
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