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The overalls have come back from the dead (flat top, printed shirt and belt optional)! Now you can all satisfy your inner painter self and wear overalls and still be fashionable. The popular trend from the 1980s is back!
The trend is now to have skinny jeans on the bottom part of the overalls. Denim overalls aren't the only material in style — try printed overalls for a fresh summer twist on the trend. The key to making this trend look modern is to keep the shirt underneath tight. You can pair the overalls with sandals or heels — it's up to you!
Need to keep cool but want to try the trend? Short overalls (lovingly referred to as shortalls) help keep you cool and fashionable (the best of both worlds)!
Want to dress the trend up a bit? Try dress and overalls (yes, dressalls)! I'm so happy that this trend is coming back — it's such a comfortable style!
love! thanks, you've inspired me to wear my overalls tomorrow :)
Ok.Good. All I wanted to hear.
I need more options as well! They're so perfect.
YES!! I need to go get some more to add to my closet!