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Post-collegiate life can get tough sometimes. In those tough moments we're not alone...we have Lemongrab from Adventure Time, the cartoon world's premiere 20-something Spirit Animal. Trust me, he gets you.

1. He understands what it's like to get too turnt with your friends. Alcohol may or may not be involved. Nudge nudge.

2. He understands how you act when you meet someone who has the same interests as you.

You like the Libertines too? Let's get married.

3. He understands what it's like to get made fun of. And he doesn't like it either.

4. He understands the crushing responsibility of living on your own, literally.

5. He knows how you place the blame on your parents when you get upset, even though it's not their fault.

6. He knows what it's like to get overwhelmed with school or work or just being an adult.

7. He likes to show off his new purchases too. Even if he knows he's bragging.

Looking at you new iPhone, holla!

8. He knows it's okay to freak out sometimes. (But to do so in a safe and responsible way.)

9. He tries to make the best of bad situations, no matter how hopeless they may seem.

Like when you get a flat tire and you just start laughing hysterically along the side of the road. Yeah. Happened to me twice.

10. He also knows that in the wild twenty-something afterlife it's imperative to have alone time. #byedontfollowme

love that little guy
As I was scrolling I was like "YES NUMBER ONE" then "YES NUMBER TWO" and I realized I was just YES TO ENTIRE LIST.