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Whether or not the romance works out in a K-drama, bromance never disappoints! Here are four of the best bromance duos I've come across.
School 2013 - Not all bromance starts happy. Although childhood friends Nam Soo & Heung Soo started out avoiding and fighting each other, I was glad to see them overcome their misunderstandings and go back to being besties in this gut-wrenching school drama.
Witch's Romance - Dong Ha & Soo Chul were an adorable bromance pair in this rom-com drama. Not only did the two best friends work together, but they also lived together and rooted for each other's romance. Talk about living the dream!
The Heirs - It doesn't get funnier than the Myung Soo and Young Do pair! Giving us a breath of fresh air from the cheesy romance plot, these two schoolmates showed us some hilarious love-hate bromance moments.
Sungkyungkwan Scandal - This one doesn't even an explanation. Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In's bromance was so good that they won a KBS award for "Best Couple."
Let the bromance live on!
I love Lee jong suk nd Kim woo bin I still get so crazy every time I hear they are tgthr but I have to say sungkyun kwan scandal joong ki oppa nd yoo ah in oppa was just sooo much fun to watch I just loved it Lol serious love all Korean drama bromance 馃槈馃榿馃槣
@chandnip804 Yep, they're #1 ^^
Hands down, I am all for Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin!
@sherrysahar I love K-drama bromance so much too! (Sorry, I just saw your comment) But I think you'll like my newest card (I tagged you lol)
love those Bromance especially WooSuk
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