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It’s hard being in a collective, but Ab-Soul has made it work. TDE consists of Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Isaiah Rashad, SZA and a bevy of producers. Sometimes there is strength is numbers, but at times it can also be a hard thing to handle. In TDE only one artist is in a rollout within the label at a time, which means you must wait for five rappers to drop their tape before you can let loose new material. With that being said, is being in a collective this big make sense for his career? Is it time for Ab-Soul to take his talents Solo and become an independent artist?
Ab has done a great job working alongside his team while carving out his own niche lane in regards to his fan base. His music leans towards his fan base as his songs are more deep and thought provoking. Ab also has a signature look and vibe that stands out from the collective.
In regards to the live experience, the look and feel of and Ab-Soul show is very different from a Schoolboy Q or Kendrick Lamar concert. The crowd is a bit more trippy. Soul mixes his set with weed friendly vibes and mosh friendly tracks, it is truly and experience.
Over the past year, we have also seen signs of a disgruntled artist with his label situation. In March he dropped some thought provoking lines on one of his songs stating:
“So Don’t ask me about Kendrick and Q, Jay Rock, Zaywop and SZA’s sexy ass too
Cause I was thinking long term before I met them
I’ve been through hell and back
I deserve heaven”
If Ab-Soul were to leave TDE, he would have a lot of labels dying for his services. Mac Miller’s REMember Records would be a great fit. Lupe Fiasco’s 1st and 15th records would be an awesome fit as well. He also could sign to Nas Mass Appeal records.
Regardless of where Ab-Soul went, his die hard fan base would follow him. He hasn’t peaked as an artist yet either, so with the right resources behind him, he could flourish and grow for years to come.