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Before the title deceives you, this is not an article on "Chedda Da Connect" lyrics -- unfortunately. This article is for those ladies who love to spice up their life like the Spice Girls in the 1996. What's a complete face without winged liner? Winged liner will immediately make your eyes pop and vamp up any look. Although getting the flick perfect and precise can be somewhat difficult, like anything else, it takes time and patience.
Remember back in middle school when eyeliner and lipgloss in the squeeze tube were your go-to beauty products? You thought you looked amazing, but looking back at pictures you never quite realized how crazy you really looked. You winged liner looked like a bird with no wings. If that doesn't paint a picture in the back of your mind, then take a closer look. Don't feel bad, ladies half your age still can't get "the flick of the wrist" motion down packed. You can easily cheat your way to fabulosity using a strip of tape to guide you or by binge watching youtube videos. Usually the second choice works best.
Practice makes perfect and there's no such thing as a winged liner that's not perfect. That's just facts. Pretend your studying for a very important exam you want to ace and watch how soon you catch on. You'll be winged out in no time. Get those wrists ready, your eyes are about to be poppin' and all the guys will be stoppin'.
wow! I really like your method. I always get my left eye different than my right eye. I think this method will help me :)
have you ever tried the creamed eye liner with an eyeliner brush? it works wonders!
the struggle def is real lol but keep practicing! and just try not to open your eyes for a few minuts until it dries. I def understand why some people aren't too fond of liquid liner. @onlydreaming
For some reason I am really lucky and actually am pretty handy with a liquid eyeliner, but I tend to over estimate and make my top liner too thick. I'm a work in progress!
I'm terrible with eye liner, I won't even lie lol but I'll have to look into that. thank you! @LauraElizaldi
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