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For the sake of writing this, that little letter between X and V sometimes doesn't work. K will have to suffice. How appropriate too, since this card is about Kendall's Kardashian Konundrum. And what a doozy it is!
While Kendall has never been a Kardashian--she's a Jenner by birth--her career is managed by and she's heir to the Kardashian empire, better known as Kamp Kris.
In a desperate attempt to become her own person without the trappings of "being a Kardashian", Kendall dropped her last name and pursued a modelling career far away from Kalabasas and the Hollywood elite. Her magazine covers come from her legitimate work commitments and not a salacious selfie. Compared to her siblings--regardless of how deep or shallow the bloodlines--she's the nicest of the bunch. She's well-spoken and hasn't succumb to the drunkenness of self-obsession.
Trust me, I'm not heralding Kendall as a saint or as being infallible. I haven't compared her to Princess Kate, have I?
So here's the Kardashian Konundrum: Being the most...best of the bunch puts her at the bottom rung of Kris' ROI, which, to most of us makes her SMART. At the same time, her limited tabloid value, along with all the other shrinking money making Kardashian schemes, means that she brings the lowest dollar kontribution to the table. So, from Kris' point of view, Kendall is STUPID.
What's a girl like Kendall to do?
Should she enter the pentagram and swear allegiance to Satan a la Kris or continue carving her own path and risk her name becoming expunged from the zillion-dollar Kardashian empire? What would you do?