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There are plenty of comparisons to be drawn between Frightened Rabbit and Mumford & Sons.
Frightened Rabbit are Scottish; Mumford & Sons are British. Both have four members; both heavily feature the guitar and its various offshoots (acoustic, electric, banjo); both sing in heavily-accented voices. Generally, the sound is pretty similar, but there's one main difference:
Frightened Rabbit won't annoy the hell out of you.
Expectations must be tempered: Frightened Rabbit aren't the most original sound you'll hear, but they are pretty good. Above, check out "The Modern Leper" from 2008's breakout success "The Midnight Organ Fight" and "Things" off of their more modestly received 2010 record "The Winter of Mixed Drinks."
Rest easy: Mumford haven't completely ruined good music forever with their ubiquity. OK, maybe I'm being dramatic or close-minded about Mumford but there's no turning back for me. Fortunately, groups like Frightened Rabbit have kept the genre listenable - they avoid using the same exact structure in every song (every freaking Mumford song feels like Marcus Mumford telling us 'we're quiet, we're quiet, we're good at playing instruments, we're a bit louder, we're quiet again and showing off, WE'RE LOUD! WE'RE REALLY, REALLY LOUD! The song is over!") and bring in some new bits every once in a while.
Check 'em out and let me know what you think. Fair comparison? Still love Mumford? Let's hear it!
I should show this one to my sister. She loves Scotland AND acoustic indie music, but I don't think she's heard of them yet.
@paulisaverage that whole album ("The Midnight Organ Flight") is pretty gut-wrenching stuff. Apparently the frontman had just experienced a pretty brutal breakup. And @nicolejb I don't know Admiral Fallow, for sure about to check that out though.
Yes! I read this headline and immediately said "totally" in my head. I also feel like FR's lyrics really twist the knife in my gut as I'm listening to them. "Backwards Walk" gets me every single time.
My brother is a big Frightened Rabbit fan and he introduced me to them (he’s also a big Mumford and Sons fan too so I see the comparison). I got into them with “Twist” and I’ve been listening to them ever since. Also, have you ever heard of Admiral Fallow? They are pretty similar, but with some rad female harmonies.
I know. They're the absolute worst. But hopefully you'll agree that all hope is not lost
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