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This is the picsart photo editing app. I have found a few others that i have enjoyed but none as much as this one. what makes this app so enjoyable is how creative you can be with your photos. There is very little that you cant do with your photos on this app. its just a lot of fun for anyone who is really into the photo editing thing. there is no other app that i know of that has so many options and features that you can use to really bring out the artist in you. And what makes it even better is that it is also a photo sharing community where you can see what others are doing with their photos and share your awesome work of art as well. i used to have at least 4 photo editing apps at a time taking up a lot of storage space in my android phone but with the pics art app, i dont need all those other apps. try this app. you will not be disappointed!
I'll have to try this one sometime! I have three different photo editing apps on my phone right now, but I feel like I've yet to find the one that I really, really could stick to. This one sounds promising. Thanks for sharing!
your welcome! and yes im the same way too. i was always trying new stuff but i really think this is the one for me. glad i could help. 😀