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If you like a bit of edge mixed with a bit of sexy, the smokey eye is perfect for you. It may not be your everyday look of choice, but when you decide you want to smoke it, it's always so worth it. Living your life on the edge when it comes to makeup can be both exciting and scary. If you don't know how to smoke out your eyes, stick to what you know or learn. You can easily attempt with no knowledge and end up looking like a member of the raccoon family.
If you want people to stare for the right reasons, you first must get learn the art of smoking out your eyes. You can keep it soft with a smokey brown, go all out with a black smoke or get creative with other shades. Like anything else, the art of the smokey eye comes from blending the colors together to achieve the perfect smoke effect.
Grab some eye shadow, a fluffy shadow brush, some fix plus spray, concealer and go to work. You'll be Sasha Fierce in no time -- hopefully.
Now that you told me how to master it, I actually need an excuse to use it! I feel like smokey eyes are a little too much for day-time so I need to find a reason to rock it at night (and no, at home on my couch isnt an option hahaha)
haha! you & me both. I've always wanted to rock a smokey look, but to piggy back off of what you said -- it's def too drastic for a daytime look. maybe if I ever go on a date I'll go for it! @galinda