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Going into the weight section to lift weights around iron-pumpin' dudes, and she-hulk ladies can be a very intimidating. You see them grunting, pumping, and slamming weights. Their neck vein is throbbing at their throat, as they strain to stand up from a 500lb deadlift.
I am here to tell you that they started where you were.
Yes, even the guys.
All of them had shitty form and swung their bicep curls at one point -- and a lot of them still do. I am not here to rip people into shreds at the gym, I am just trying to tell you that lifting weight is a learning experience. You won't get better at it, until you practice. And even with a coach and a physiology degree, there will always be more to learn.
I remember before I started squatting, I read articles on top of articles. I read academic literature. I went on a YouTube binge on how to squat properly. When I walked into the gym, feeling confident in my pink tank top, pink weightlifting belt, and mascara, I still had a wobbly form.
Go figure -- I forgot to put on my liquid eyeliner.
Even powerlifting and weightlifting athletes who have been in the sport for decades, still go into practice everyday to tweak their technique, lean new exercises, and clean up mistakes.

Here's The Best Weight Lifting Tip For Newbs:

Just get in there and lift!
Make mistakes, ask questions, keep learning.
@Danidee They should. I've gone to several different gyms, and I've received a free fitness coach session. Sometimes they might not advertise it, but you can ask. I know for sure that major gyms like Gold's Gym and Planet Fitness do. About the joints: I'd definitely get clearance from your doctor first. :) :)
I found that when I went to the weight room and struggled (or just looked a little confused) people came to my rescue! The "she-hulks" and scary muscle guys were like 'COME JOIN OUR CLUB' haha
I think a lot of gyms allow for a free fitness coach session for new members, right? I really want to be able to get into strength training, but I'm afraid of causing any damage to my joints.
People at the gym are normally nice and helpful! @caricakes