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There’s a Latte Art Competition in New Zealand. And it’s awesome. Check out the winners of the 2015 competition.
3rd Place - “Love Birds"
2nd Place - "Diagonal Flowers"
1st Place - “Tulips All Around"
Personally I liked the 3rd place one the best, but I understand the skill an precession it takes to make the first place winner. Gotta love the happy latte pours.
every time I see latte art if feel like my mind grapes are getting squished, haha. I'm gonna have to look up a video of people doing it so I could grasp how it works
@paulisaverage If you use instagram, go on there and search the tag freepouring. There's videos in there that blow my mind.
@danidee I can't explain how sad I was when I found out Starbucks is ACTUALLY doing basic latte art training now. All I ever managed was some circles in the foam.
@danidee don't give me all the credit, i'm pretty sure i stole that from something hahaha
Omg, mind grapes. That made me lol, @paulisaverage.
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