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As I got off the tube, and made my way up the Westminster underground station, I don't recall having any thoughts on what to expect when finally arriving to the street level. I knew this was the station I had to get off to see Big Ben, but had no idea how far I would have to walk before running into it. When i finally exited the station and walked out, I noticed a crowd had gathered right in front of the entrance to the station, everyone seemed to be in awe, taking photos and pointing upwards. That's when I made my way through the crowd and saw Clock Tower for the very first time. Photos, movies, and the tower's specs simply don't compare to how impressive and massive it is in person. The tower is literally right across the street from the station, and to me, it was such a lovely sight, I remember smiling as I gazed upon the unique and detailed architecture, while grabbing my camera to snap some shots of it. Overall London was a great city to visit, and I had a great experience, I hope to go back soon. Hope everyone enjoys the photos.
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I'm sure I will eventually. I promised my sister we'd take a trip through the UK sometime. She was able to get there last year and fell in love with it, but I still haven't been able to go!
@danidee true, it's definitely a trip worth taking, I hope you get to go soon!
I would love it if I could go to any of these places, makes me excited to hear more about your adventures.
Such Beauty.
@mommaG thank you for your kind words, I will be posting more stuff soon. :)