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It's early in the morning and you suddenly realised that your life is full of tragedies and miseries. Things that were so fine yesterday dont seem so fine now. Some people would think I'm depressed but it's not so. I have been diagnosed with cyclothymic disorder and it sucks Mood swings are.fine because they go.away soon.but the change in my moods is really troubling. I.suddenly stop.talking with my best mates for.no reasons and as much as it troubles me, I know I'm troubling them too and I can't tell them how I feel coz my mind won't.allow.me to..During this.period, I start to.wonder whether life has always been this way or is it just me in a different body. I have always been.known to be a person with great confidence but they don't really know what really goes on.inside my mind. I dont wanna believe that i have a disorder and my guess is no one does. But now i think its better for me to accept the fact and face it one on.one before it kills the person.in me
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I can relate to this. Thank you Akum for posting this.