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Everyone wants to be more fit and more healthy (myself included). Make these small changes in June and see the results.

1. Drink More Water

Humans need gallons and gallons of water to sustain life on a healthy plane each day. Nearly all of us don't drink enough. Get a cute water bottle and fill it up at least 5 times daily to start. Drinking more water also helps your digestion and skin. It's worked for me!

2. Start working out during your Netflix Binge

There's tons of posts online about Netflix workouts, but to start just do 10 Jumping Jacks per episode you watch. Every time you load a new one, pause and do some jumping jacks. If you hit 3 episodes in a row (which is not hard) you'll have done 30. If you're really in it for the long haul, switch between push-ups, jumping jacks and squats. You'll be ripped by season 2.

3. Give yourself a restaurant limit:

Meals out whether it's fast food or a restaurant, usually contain more calories. If you eat at home, you'll more likely cook a more healthy meal.

4. Order water always:

Soda is literally a killer. Water is free and it doesn't rot your insides or teeth (I have to work on this most myself).

5. Pick Outdoor activities you care about:

Not everyone is a runner, I know I'm not. Find an alternative activity like bike riding, skateboarding or even rollerblading. Dancing outside would work too, although you may get some stares from strangers.
I've started getting into flavored mineral waters to curb my soda craving. The carbonation makes me feel like I'm drinking a soda and the flavor is just enough to keep me from being bored with what I've got in my cup.
I really like the restaurant limit tip. I feel like crap when I eat out too much but it never really stops me. Making a maximum eating out quota will remind me to shape up!
Cutting out the sugary drinks is such a tiny step but makes such a big difference! Plus go for black coffee or tea - no fancy drinks, even just a latte :)