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Today I lost my temper big time with this little man, he kept screaming for no reason it turns out his brother had whopped him on the head with a plastic chain saw..... Yeah don't ask.... I felt so bad!! Tonight I am thinking about the day and instead of dwelling on that incident I am thinking about my #10things #dailythanks I am thankful that this morning (super early) my baby woke me up with her cries because I am thankful I woke up to a healthy baby. I am thankful I woke up to 2 poopy diapers; I am blessed that their little bodies are healthy and functioning. I am thankful that all three cried to have breakfast and that even though it was Graham Crackers and Peanut Butter our pantry has never been empty and we have never had to go without food. I am thankful that my boys were fighting because I was able to take time to teach them to share and love one another. I am thankful I get the opportunity to be frustrated and annoyed with them because I realize not every mother gets to be home every single day to see their babies grow, learn and watch their sweet faces when they are napping, I am blessed I get the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. I am thankful my husband wasn't able to come home right away after work because he has a job that supports us and having a good job is rare in this economy. I am thankful the rice I cooked didn't turn out the way I planned because I was able to tweak it and make it better in the end; sometimes it takes more than one try to make something great. I am thankful I was running late to all three activities I had planned tonight because each activity had friends and I was held up because of loving conversations. It is so wonderful to have good friends all around me. I am thankful my internet acted up making me even more late because once I was able to attend my webinar it made me even more grateful my internet was going to work tonight!! And even more thankful to have found a company that uplifts me no matter what. I am thankful for trails because they make us strong. For failure because it teaches us how to celebrate success. And for all the little imperfections that make this life so perfect. #10things #dailythanks #unexpectedlygrateful #mynotsoperfectlife #imperfecions
I like this. Whenever I feel negative, I too write a list of things I am thankful. It really directs your focus to things that are really important.
Thank you so much @Goyo
@katiechick your kids are going to have great mentalities thanks to their mom. This is a great post.
Awe!! @alywoah that is awesome!!! it really does put everything onto perspective.
Thanks so much @esha 💜