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I totally love Boys Republic but I kinda forgot about them...with the whole Bigbang comeback and stuff.... Love this song....thought the MV was a bit lacking~ Totally want this on my iPod!!! What do you guys think?!? All credit goes to the owner of this MV! (I do not own this music video)!
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Boy Republic is one of those groups that I always forget about but then I love all of their singles! Thanks for posting this or I wouldnt have seen it haha
Wow this is Daebak beautiful voices ! This song needs more recognition :)
I've never heard of Boy Republic! But this song is really sweet and mellow. I love sweet, mellow K-Pop songs. I think relaxing songs aren't as common in K-Pop compared to the dance anthems and the dubstep breakdowns.
@danidee yeah I agree! It's refreshing! :) @Ambie Ikr totally!! @kpopandkimchi you're welcome! Happy you liked it :) <3 <3
@jiggzy19, you always know all the boy group jamz.