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A Photo Montage of Me Reacting to BTS' FOR YOU / 防弾少年団 MV
Japanese music video reactions and their YouTube copyrights are absolutely horrendous to deal with, but I didn't remember that until after I filmed a reaction for this MV. I didn't want to leave you guys hanging, so here's a very long and lovely photo montage of me reacting to the MV, exclusively for Vingle dot comme!
First off, I had to film in my closet. It was midnight and that's the furthest I could get from the rest of my family who, like most people, were asleep. I was in my pajamas and didn't even try to look cute because NOTHING waits for BTS. Also this is a good selfie, wow I didn't even mean to get this on camera.
IDK how I feel about Jungkook being in a mascot costume...
He had his hand like this the entire shot. I still don't get it. He probably socked himself in the eye right before and they didn't have time to cover it.
Holding in screams because of Yoongi closeups
Action shot of me on the verge of tears because of the first group shot
I will never look this sweetly at BTS ever again please enjoy this moment while you can ^_^
Namjoon had just done something weird and Namjoony and I was contemplating if one can really be that weird
I hate lollipops
Is this because of the cuteness or Jimin's thighs? The world will never know!
At this point the tears were starting to fall
I'm so disappointed because this is one of the 2 times I actually cried on camera and I can't publish the video
The last shot of the MV and the last breath I took. I died.
I needed water to recover from the tears I shed.
Why are everyone's Japanese songs always the fluffiest? I usually hate this kind of stuff but it had a much different effect this time... IDK if it's because I've fallen way too far down the BTS rabbit hole or the fact that it was midnight when I filmed this.
I might make this a thing. Late-night closet reactions. This was one of the best videos I filmed. Maybe next time I'll be able to post the video! I hope you enjoyed ^_^
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Seriously cutest PV!!!! Aigoo I melted haha lol
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