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After @VinMcCarthy so kindly left a reminder on my card about Ginny/Draco couple cosplays saying "Draco/Hermione 5ever," and I figured I should be fair and show the Hermione and Draco cosplay couples I found, which were much easier to find than the Ginny/Draco ones.
I love, love, love both of their expressions in these photos!! Hermione looks so Hermione, and Draco looks so smug, and it looks perfect. I believe it. Really, I do.
People are clearly thirsting for more Dramione. Clearly.
So much so that they did this Twilight inspired photo (seriously, it's even called Twilight Reloaded). So there you have it?
seems pretty
Nothing wrong with kids learning about everything love can be!
The last one is like some weird dreamland hahahaha, maybe one that lives in Draco's imagination only (thus why he's imaging himself to be an Edward Cullen of corts...I don't even know)
what's with the gay shit people! Two chicks in these movies FOR KIDS. wow. Word!
@VinMcCarthy Obviously. But seriously, I feel like they'd be too powerful for their own good, so maybe it's better they didn't end up together. (and I have no idea why anyone would do that. Even the first picture reminds me of Twilight for some reason...)
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