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Finally, someone has said it!!! I love Disney (as you probably well know by now) but I don't love that the romance is usually, well, pretty straightforward without any real development that lasts for more than a few days.
I agree with Elsa on this one--you can't know someone for a day and expect that you can marry them!
So, when Elsa finally spoke up and said "You can't marry a man you just met!" I wanted to scream and hug her and thank her for her beautiful words! Granted, there are exceptions to this in the Disney universe!!
But, still, I wonder, how long should one reasonably wait before getting married? There are plenty of couples who, after just a few months, get married and live happily ever after (just like my grandparents!), but what do you guys think?

How long should you wait before getting married after knowing someone?

I feel the heart wants what it wants and it knows pretty immediately! Now whether you marry that person that day, month, year is up for discussion between the two and depends on what is comfortable for both. I feel life is short so if both agree go for it in a few weeks or so once you've met some friends and family and spent some time together and gotten on each other's nerves. Once you see the Coyote Ugly in each other you'll know if you love each other or not! If not then Run! It's definitely not a movie then! Ahh but real love sure is grand and hard to find! So never let it go!
I'm with Elsa on this one, you can't marry someone you JUST met! But you can marry someone that you just know is right, because sometimes, that will happen :)
Seems like everyone is just going to have a different answer for this one!! :)
I think it is totally situational like everyone said, but I also think you gotta give it enough time to SEE that 'coyote ugly' as @RedRidergirl put it!! if you rush too fast, you don't get the chance to find out those things till later (after marriage), you know?
That's one thing I haaate about Disney movies. Like, Ariel legitimately couldnt even talk to Eric until the day they got married?! I think that if you're ready to spend the rest of your life together you shouldnt be in any big rush to make it official. Just being together should be enough - no need to get married a year into the relationship!
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