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Seriously......seriously.....boys, you gonna come at us like this? The opening scene in the tunnel....clapping and that synth with the vocals (very Euro-Dance Style) Its already sounding like an anthem and .....just gives you the feeling that .....
Then my darling YB's voice cuts through. Lyric insert here: I awake with the black night Everyone come in, who’s turn is it next? It’s an unpredictible, crazy guerilla Bow down in worship till your voice explodes OMG with the pink hair and that MADE jacket shirtless in true YB style no less....owning that SWAT tank. And can we show some appreciation for those delicious dirty backup dancers? This totally gives off the anarchy Mad Max type vibe with the black lines across the backup dancers faces. I'm thinking the theme here is being the opposite of their Loser selves. In Loser, he was a recluse and couldn't handle the temptation of sin. In this, he's inviting sin in and not only that but with confidence...with the lyric "Everyone come in...who's turn is it next?" and with his horde of dancers....obviously not a recluse, but the ring leader. Take note, children...Even the camera angles are set up to have us looking up at them like 90% of the time....just pay attention to it. We are literally being dominated by BIGBANG just by watching this MV. The camera work in Loser and BaeBae was totally different to give off a different perspective that fit with the theme. This theme is DOMINANCE.
Then....the King of my Heart killed it with a cowboy hat on. Space cowboy? Hell yes (•̀ᴗ•́)و I'm a Montana girl and as much as I'd like to deny it, I must admit I find cowboy hats sexy. Lyric Insert here: Switch up this loser atmosphere So they can’t hide this insanity The dignity of men, the pretense of women It’s interesting to see this kind of unknown confidence As if I’m showing off, I shamelessly dig into your body like an allergy Swarming around in a strange mind Today, this place is lawless So basically, they're switching gears from their previous release "Loser" and turning up the swag. The impression I got from his rap is he's outta this freakin world figuratively of course....in another dimension far away from the place they took us in "Loser" (hence the astronaut....he represents T.O.P's "Loser" self closed in the suit much like his environment in the Loser MV) and through his rap hes telling the Loser: Nah, bruh......you can't handle this. I'M HERE TO SLAY. And the Loser T.O.P can't take it _(x.x)_ This scene appears to be in a study of some kind I'm guessing....with the small table and set of chairs. There are vases showcased on the walls and at first glance I thought they we're inerts of some variety....but they were actually ears, hands, and the bottom halves of faces (nose and mouth). I think I saw a baby in one but I can't get a clear screenshot of it so we'll just pay attention to the ones I can clearly identify. After some research someone drew a parallel to Dr. Who....apparently there's a room similar to this in which you can pick what you want to look like from a catalog of body parts. Now if this was the inspiration for this scene, T.O.P's message is simple: I'll choose how I wanna look and be who I wanna be. I'm in control of me. Now the white clean aesthetic of this scene is very important because it's a nod to his scene in Loser. Completely opposite from his broken killer self in Loser. His lyrics talk of an unknown confidence and shamelessly enjoying the female body. In Loser he would backtrack.... he would end up pushing the girl away. But as the lyrics say....he can't hide his crazy and he's finally let the monster take over. I think he chose the cowboy hat because he says in the lyrics, "This place is lawless" much like the Wild West....ya dig? Side note: This is so how Toy Story should've gone.....
Seungri.... this boy is wrecking my bias list js.... but anywho, he's seen here coming up out of the sand which screams Mad Max to me. He's basically rising from being buried by his obsession in Loser.... shaking it off quite literally (I stroooongly dislike Taylor Swift BTW....I'm making reference to Mariah Carey if you must know). So basically Ri is a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Lyric insert: I’ll set this place on fire To burn up your heart I wanna make you go crazy B.I.G Yea we bang like this, everyone together This part suited his voice perfectly. I love Seungri's tone in general....he tends to go sharp live but that aside he's got a nice tone to his voice and this part really showcased that.
This line by GD made the chorus for me. 총 맞은 것처럼 chong majeun geoscheoreom Which translates to. .."Like you’ve been shot" Then the beat drops. All that built up energy from the chorus thru the bridge just drops which is strange but it's BIGBANG it doesn't hafta make sense or be understood....it's gotta be felt. And that bass will not be denied. Its a new direction and an interesting composition choice but come onnnnn it's hot. Lyric insert: BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Bang bang bang BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Bang bang bang Nobody move, nobody move Nobody move, nobody move Let’s see the end of this night, see the end Let’s see the end of this night Bang bang bang And OMG looking FOIN..... even T.O.P with that outrageous hat.....PETA is choking on their granola somewhere bc they're decked out head to toe in fur and leather. I'm pretty positive I'm seeing a whip of some kind attached to YB's belt....ʘ‿ʘ And Dae is shirtless too! Ladies, we gotta appreciate how hot Dae looks because he obviously can't see a thing with that hair and has no idea he's looking so good. I hafta say I was pretty spot on with my Mad Max meets the Mafia type theme for this MV. Aiight now I hafta address this....some Kpoppers are hating on the dancing lowriders but honestly....if you think they're lame....you're lame. Can your car do that? I rest my case.
Now we come to Dae's verse. Boy has got honeys!! All rocking the same haircut.....which I refuse to bash even tho he can't really see. Total opposite from Loser. Cool and confident, he's singing the stuffing outta this verse, hips are telling no lies and the ladies are loving it. And check the lacey see thru shirt ȏ.̮ȏ Mkay, Dae I see you, boy....I see you.
GD's scene.....now this is controversial....naturally yes. GD comes out of an ancient temple of some kind chained to a very fierce Paris Goebel (ugh she's amazing in her own right). They're both wearing collars which I think is important to note. She's going cray but GD's keeping her in check by holding the chain. I think Paris represents fans or the public. In Loser, GD was basically so famous he was isolated. But here, he's still chained to the public but hes got Paris aka the public under control and in check. He can't get away from her but she can't get away either. He's asserting his dominance over the public here and judging from the smile Paris gives him.... we love being dominated by GD. Lyric insert: We go hard, we’re the night’s watchmen, run all night with space magic This song is the apex, it’s so fun, sing about the wonder Loud screams are devilish melodies, the connection to a black poison All around you, get high and release the reins whoo
Can I just say that I love the build to the chorus? Lyric insert: I’ll set this place on fire To burn up your heart I wanna make you go crazy B.I.G Yea we bang like this, everyone together Like you’ve been shot BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Bang bang bang BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Bang bang bang Nobody move, nobody move Nobody move, nobody move Let’s see the end of this night, see the end Let’s see the end of this night Bang bang bang Second controversial part of the MV.....and I mean some ppl aren't offended by Seungri wearing the Native American headdress.....but I'm Native American and I just feel it was unnecessary. I can see the aesthetic of it....it'll look cool on camera and all that jazz. But it's the principal of the thing. I'm not okay with super models rocking war bonnets in pictorials or on the runway so I can't be cool with my boys doing that either. I'm not gonna make a stink about it. I just feel it was unnecessary. My sisters on the other hand loved it....they looked at it as a shout-out. So to each their own.
So this is where the song shifts.....which is an odd transition again but strangely I think it added to the song. I feel like this song was composed in movements which is kind of a cool idea. Enter glittering GD to rein us into this ending..... Lyric insert: Ready or not Yea we don’t give a what Ready or not Yea we don’t give a what And here's where we TURN UP! Now don't they all look great here in this club scene? I wanna party with them.....which is strange because I'm a total party pooper but I digress. Lyric insert: Let’s go, guys go on top Girls get low Pull the trigger, bang bang bang let the bass drum go Guys go on top Girls get low Pull the trigger, bang bang bang let the bass drum go You know....I just hafta reiterate yet again my unwavering love for these boys. They take us all along for these crazy journeys thru seemingly nonsensical MVs but honestly there's always a deeper meaning beneath it all. Or I might just be crazy and connecting dots that aren't there Lol. I hope you all enjoyed my long ass shpeele here and maybe I enlightened you a bit. If I confused you more....apologies.... this isn't an exact science. xx
You need to do more of these, you make me laugh til I cry...but also think deeply about the song? wth?
Awesome review! I'm glad you pointed out and discussed the controversial things because most people tend to miss or ignore that since there is so much going on in the MV. Thanks for breaking it down for us! ^_^
Totally love how you put this together! :)
@aabxo word.....I had to press the pause button and take a moment lol. Such a man _(_^_)_> but spank youuu!! I actually enjoy doing this. Its like taking a step back and carefully examining a work of art so youre able to fully understand it and appreciate it. @danidee I know that mischievous panda maknae....(>_<) and also yes let's! @kpopandkimchi I intend to....it just takes me soooooooo long that I go thru withdrawals from not being able to post anything else until I'm finished (╥_╥) The struggleeeeeeee! @poojas Spank youuuu for taking the time to read it! I tend to get rather long winded....lol when I write one of these I feel like I'm a kpop gramma weaving a tale for all the chillruns... @MattK95 Spanks buddy!! Yeah I feel ya....but I've explained to ppls that if you feel offended by something, it's all good....I'm not gonna tell you not to be offended because you can't really control those feels. I'm practically a full blood Native American.... and I was raised traditionally and I hold onto those values and teachings even now and I'll pass them on to my kids. Our culture and our ways are not novelty and shouldn't be treated as such. Just my thoughts on it. *steps off my soapbox* Lol I still love them tho and I know it wasn't their intent to mock Native culture. We can't help that our traditional garb is cool and fierce as fuhh (•̀ᴗ•́)و @jiggzy19 spank you, darling! Blood, sweat, and tears go into it lol jk
@PassTheSuga great review/breakdown, these are always so much fun!!! Regarding the issue with the Native American Headdress, I'm not going to go into the amount of things I could get upset at with what my heritage is... It's an absolute jigsaw puzzle of different cultures XD I just don't let it bother me, for example if they misuse the Feur De Lis not knowing what it means, I won't get upset, I'd be more upset if a French person misused it knowing what it means, and is actually a representation of. I hope that made sense XD anyway I'll stop rambling and go and make some Chicken Curry now ^^
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