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Yes to marriage equality!!! I really love Jennifer Hudson, especially after she took part in this awesome video. Everything about this is perfect. The song is KILLER, the story is right, and she was able to nab Manila Luzon, Kiki Xtravaganza, Shaun Ross, Brandon Chowder and Pablo Hernandez to feature in it! SO GOOD!
The story may be simple and take out the complexities that couples may go through trying to get their parents support in marrying whomever it is they love, I thought it was a great way to show that opinions are changing, and that anyone can love whoever they want to, regardless of sex or gender!
Per Hudson, I'd like to say #TURNITUPFORCHANGE!!!
Oh damn, I didn't expect this to sound like such a 90s R&B club banger. (Which is a compliment! This song is POWERFUL!)
@caricakes @galinda She's fantastic!!
What a babe. I'm so glad to see that even though she's been through so much she is still able to lift so many people up with her voice. Love you Jennifer!
As if I needed more convincing that J.Hud is great. She's using her talent for a great message!