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Alright, so I'm not super proud of this but I needed to get some writing practice in today! This is a response to @TessStevens writing challenge prompt. I don't think it's very clear, or very Thompson like, but hey, I tried!
If the others had been given a choice, they would have said to take the convertible. The plush seats of an Astro van being rather hot, and all. The windows barely capable of cracking. The AC fucking busted. The sparkly blue and red stripes anything but classy on the giant beast that would stand out in this desert.
But with just five thousand bucks to blow on the other end we weren't shelling out for anything other than this shit.
The others didn't need to know that. "Sucks, guys, but this is all there is. Whatever, it'll go," I slipped out, throwing the keys to Keith. "Let's go."
I knew Pat and Cody were scratching their heads at this point. But my hands were already grasping the burning black handle, sliding the heavy door open. They had no reason to doubt my lies.
My hot breath exhaling when they climbed in the front gave add another degree to the van we were doomed to sweat in. Maybe the door could stay open, I considered, before sliding it shut harshly.
Pat started her up, and we rolled away, leaving a dust trail behind us that blocked out the station where we only dropped a couple hundred. Plush grey cushioning enveloped me as I kicked back. The material sucked the sweat off my back, my mind quickly figuring out where the dank smell probably lived.
The sun hadn't set yet. It shone down, sending us heat, speeding up the trapped air surrounding our trio. Holding up the crystal medallion that had sat, quietly...safely tucked in my shirt. I looked through it, past it into the sun. When I looked back to the van's dirty, carpeted floor to see that it's message was being refracted into the shadows, I tucked it away again.
Pat and Cody would have to understand.
I like the mystery of the piece, as well as the vivid description of the van. dope work.
Added you to the card as well! PM me if you'd like other feedback :)
This is great! Love the imagery! Good style too. Thanks for participating!
@TessStevens Hey, thanks so much!! @VinMcCarthy Thanks XD