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But you didn't even know anyone thought she was, did you?
Apparently, BBC runs "royal death" exercises for when a royal family member passes away, and while running one, a correspondent in the office overheard, misunderstood, and tweeted out two very, very misleading messages, which you can see below. These exercises are supposed to happen totally in office, and just for training purposes.

So first, she got it all wrong.

Then, she got it wrong again, before taking it all back. Oops?

Anyways, a spokesperson said the Queen is totally fine, and while she (coincidentally) was at the hospital today, it was because of a pre-scheduled appointment, not because she is deathly ill.
So rejoice! The Queen Lives!
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Phew! The Queen is such a cool woman. Good to hear she’s alive and kickin'
long live d Queen! She is one most loving n pretty sure loved by globally.
Yikessss this is NOT the kind of thing you want to leak or mess up on!!! Even if you do over hear it, why would you tweet that?!