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Okay heres the deal...I watch arrow a lot and i am the biggest fan of Stephen Amell and i envy his body but when i tell.this to my friends...they ask.me..."dude, are you?", If i tell a girl then it gets worse. But i dont understand whats wrong with it! Girls can worship their favourite actresses and actors but for guys why is there such a notion? Being gay is anybodys choice, and its their life and no one should have a say in that, but i believe this broad categorisation among guys that you cant admire another guy just because they are cooler than you should be eliminated. For instance if a guy say i love Abraham Lincoln then he must be so philosophical and stuffs but if a guy say i love Stephen Amell then he must definitely be gay! Whats this fuss about being straight or gay!! I dont understand....do you?
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To be honest, I'm not sure either!! I think it'd be pretty normal for dudes to have 'ideals' about both actresses and actors just like girls do, but I guess not all guys would agree!