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The Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival is one of the most anticipated vegan events on the West Coast each year, and it's no wonder why.

The place is STUFFED with delicious LA-based vegan eateries, offering anything from cupcakes and donuts to tacos, burgers, sandwiches, and salads - all the while offering beer samplings from over 50 different craft breweries!
Needless to say, I ate a lot. And I'm about to tell you all about it.

The Thrillist Burger from Garden Grill

Southern Fried Chik'n Patty With Shredded Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Follow Your Heart Provolone Cheeze, Seitan Bacon, & Chipotle Aioli On A Ronald Donuts Bun

Garden Grill is a pretty popular West Coast vegan food truck serving two different cities - San Diego, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Garden Grill was able to pull their connections within the Las Vegas vegan community to create the Thrillist Burger specifically for the festival, using glazed donuts from popular Vegas vegan destination, Ronald's Donuts*. This beauty was easily the most anticipated food of this year's Vegan Beer Fest - and it took SIX OF US to finish it!
*To find out more about Ronald's Donuts, check out my I Heart Vegan Donuts!! card here.

The S'Morrissey from Donut Friend

Cake Donut Filled With Toasted Marshmallows & Topped With Chocolate Glaze & Graham Cracker Crumbs
Donut Friend is a specialty donut shop based out of Los Angeles's Highland Park neighborhood. They have a number of non-vegan and vegan offerings, all named after different 90s punk bands - for example, Bacon 182, Javabreaker, and the Starting Lime. The S'Morrissey is my personal favorite, especially since each one is topped with an individually toasted Dandies marshmallow - the perfect touch to a s'mores flavored dessert.

Buffalo Cauliflower Hot Wings from Sage Vegan Bistro

Battered Cauliflower Covered In Buffalo Sauce & Served With Celery, Carrots, & Ranch
These cauliflower bites were incredibly delicious. Whenever I've tried to make buffalo cauliflower bites at home, it turned into a big ol' mess, but Sage Vegan Bistro nailed it and then some. When in Los Angeles, make sure you try them out for yourselves. Sage has three different locations across the county!

Caprese Sandwich from Vromage Cheese Shop

Nut-Based Artisian Mozzarella With Tomato & Basil On French Sourdough Bread
I had heard SO MUCH about Vromage from friends before, but had never actually had tried any of their nut-based cheeses until the festival. I've got to say - their mozzarella really tastes like mozzarella! This caprese sandwich tasted incredible and is the perfect lunch for those of us who are still a little skeptical about vegan cheeses. Stop by their Hollywood Hills location to try it yourself!

Ethiopian Misir Wot Burrito from Azla Vegan

Red Lentils Wrapped In Injera & Topped With Spicy Berbere Sauce & Cilantro

This plate had me wondering why Ethiopian burritos weren't more of a thing. I love Ethiopian food, but it's not necessarily a meal you can enjoy as a light lunch. These burritos gave you enough spicy North African-style lentils and spongy injera to satisfy your craving, but left enough tummy space to continue eating your way through the rest of the fest!

For More Information:

If you live around Southern California or intend on traveling there any time soon, here are the official websites of the different local vegan restaurants listed above.
That donut burger is totally insane - I am SO going to this next year and dragging all my non-vegan friends along!
@caricakes I wish you could've tried it. It tasted SO GOOD.
Caprese salad sandwich please!
@galinda You should! If you just want to eat, they have a special lower price for non-drinkers. You can just get in there and stuff your face lol