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Fueling your body up for a workout isn't as simple as grabbing a protein shake or an apple on your way to the gym. Your body needs the right amount of nutrients to kick into great and burn fat, build muscle, and kick ass.
Here's your simple guide to getting your body ready for some serious calorie burn.

All Day Long

H2O! You should be surgically attached to your water bottle (figuratively speaking) and staying hydrated all day. Your body needs water to burn calories and even being slightly dehydrated slows your metabolic rate, so drink up!
If water is too boring, try these infused waters!

Two Hours Before

If you like to workout in the evening and you're planning on eating a meal before then, aim for a smaller serving of lean protein (fish, chicken, etc) with a side of fibrous veggies like broccoli. This should be in the 300-400 calorie range!
Check out these yummy chicken recipes:

One Hour Before

Carbs are your friend! If you want energy to make it through a workout, try having a small bowl of cereal with skim milk or some trail mix. Keep it light and in the 200 calorie range.

15-30 Minutes Before

So you only have a little time before your workout? Give your body a little boost of carbs in the form of a snack with about 25 grams of carbs like a tablespoon of raisins, a small banana, a few saltine crackers, or a small serving of applesauce.
Why raisins? I kind of feel sluggish when I eat raisins...
I usually work out before dinner so I just grab a small snack like an apple and PB :)
I remember eating some peanut butter on toast before going out for a jog once and feeling considerably less fatigued. I didn't realize how fast food can turn into good exercise fuel.
I'm a big fan of almonds and string cheese as I head to the gym!