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It is June 5th, which means it's National Donut Day. There are free donuts in almost all of your well-known donut shops, including Dunkin' Donuts. But, why the hell would you want a glazed donut, when you can have a juicy, crispy chicken between two warm, glazed donuts.
See where I am getting at?
Make your donut experience worth eating. We can have glazed donuts any day, let's bump it up a notch. Your friends are posting photos of free boring donuts. Cool.
Well, how about you post pictures of a pepperoni pizza with cheese oozing over a thick warm chocolate eclair.
Here's some of the most yummiest donuts I've found.
This sweet and savory chicken donut sandwich is called "The Sublime." You can get this donut-sandwich concoction from the People's Food Truck located in Atlanta. The People's Food Truck sells food to those who can afford it, and uses those funds to feed those who need it.
So, that means I can eat these guilty pleasures, guilt-free?
I'm down.
The Dough Exchange sells pretty cool donuts -- one of them being a pizza donut. Hell yes. They are located in Santa Ana, California.
Here's another tasty treat from The Dough Exchange. This is a donut covered with fruity pebbles. They are taking breakfast cereal and slapping it on warm fried dough. How. On. Earth.
Grilled cheese anyone? This sweet, cheesy donut is from Tom + Chee. They have several locations nationwide. Here's lunch. Their foods are made from scratch and they even have a variety of foods like gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.
This must have descended from the burgers gods themselves. Everything about this burger is perfect -- from the crisp bacon, to the bubbly melted cheese. This king of a thing is from a restaurant called Burgers 2 Beer, located in several cities in Ohio, including Cleveland and Highland Heights.
Can you guess what this is? It's called Boss Hog and it's stacked with pulled pork, creamy potato salad. It is then generously drizzled with honey BBQ sauce. Holy hell -- this is donut was turned into a giant meal. This donut is sold at Gourdoughs in Houston, Texas.
Where's the donut? Well, it's buried under this stack of fried chicken, creamed corn, jalapeno. Ate a donut and still hungry? This will take care of it. This southern-inspired masterpiece is also sold at Gourdough's.
Dunkin Donuts' Oreo and raspberry cheesecake square donuts.
That glazed donut I had earlier was a mistake. I need all these marvelous donuts.

Happy National Donut day! :)

Hahaa! Yes, they've gotta get creative. I really curious about the fruity pebble donut.
I was so hungry when I read pizza donut and then immediately lost my appetite over the idea of potato salad on a donut. Man, they put EVERYTHING on donut these days hahaha
These are the craziest donuts I've ever seen!!! I definitely would try the fruity pebble one haha. I wonder what the salty-sweet combos are like? Why did they go with a donut when I feel like a bagel (or just bread? lol) would compliment some of these combinations so much better?? Clearly it's something you need to taste to find out...
I'm half disgusted but half in love with that grilled cheese idea...
I've had a fruity pebble donut once at a bakery in LA's Little Tokyo once! It was really good. They even had Cinnamon Toast Crunch donuts!